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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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Life Skills Programme

Our Life Skills Challenge ensures that all pupils leave Longwood with the necessary independence, skills and understanding to move to secondary school with confidence. 

Life Skills Programme


1. I can say please and thank you
2. I can tidy up my classroom
3. I can show I am sorry
4. I can share with others
5. I can wash my hands after I have been to the toilet
6. I can sit on the carpet
7. I can use the toilet independently
8. I can clean my teeth twice a day
9. I can describe how I am feeling
10. I can begin to hold a pencil


1. I can use a knife and fork
2. I can dress myself
3. I can help set the table
4. I can write my name
5. I can take care of a living thing
6. I can work in a team
7. I can clear my plate
8. I can name a range of fruits and vegetables
9. I can hold a pencil accurately
10. I can take part in daily exercise

Year 1

1. I can describe what makes a healthy meal
2. I can brush my hair
3. I know when my birthday is
4. I can pay someone a compliment
5. I have fire safety awareness
6. I can describe how someone else is feeling
7. I can make a phone call
8. I know when my birthday is
9. I know how to cross a road safely
10. I can practise reading everyday

Year 2

1. I can make a sandwich
2. I know my left and right
3. I know how to keep safe around strangers
4. I know my address
5. I know how to make an emergency phone call
6. I can point to where I live on a world map
7. I can dress appropriately for the weather
8. I can talk about different religions
9. I can use table manners
10. I can set myself a target.

Year 3

1. I can measure using the appropriate equipment
2. I can tie my shoelace
3. I can give reasons for a vote
4. I can wrap a present
5. I can bring my homework in on time
6. I can check the weather forecast
7. I can carry out research using a search engine
8. I can teach something to someone else
9. I know how many days there are in each month of the year
10. I can use a dictionary

Year 4

1. I can read a map
2. I can calculate the change from £1.00, £5.00 and £10.00
3. I can give directions
4. I can write and post a letter
5. I can swim a length
6. I can follow a recipe
7. I can say hello, thank you and goodbye in three other languages
8. I can read a bus timetable
9. I can tell the time on an analogue and digital clock
10. I can play a tune on an instrument

Year 5

1. I can speak publicly
2. I can type 25 words a minute on a computer
3. I can send an email
4. I can take part in a democratic vote
5. I can fill in an application form
6. I can prepare for an interview
7. I can use a compass
8. I can order food at a restaurant
9. I can covert currency
10. I can raise money for a charity

Year 6

1. I can make a cup of tea
2. I can give a presentation
3. I can make and sell something
4. I have an awareness of basic first aid
5. I can ride a bike safely
6. I can find out about a range of careers
7. I understand how to get into higher education
8. I have an understanding of drug and alcohol misuse
9. I understand the changes that happen during puberty
10. I can tie a tie