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Curriculum Documents

Welcome to our Curriculum Documents page. Here you will find learning overviews and knowldge organisers for parents to access to help support learning. 


Curriculum Plans


Longwood Long Term Plan 2022-2023


Longwood Long Term Plan 2022-2023

Science and Non Core Subjects

Longwood Science and Non Core Long term Plan 2022-2023



Parent's Knowledge Organisers

To assist you in supporting your child's learning we complete knowledge organisers for our parents. 


Year 1

History - Hobbies (Autumn)

History - First Flight (Spring)


Geography - My School (Autumn)

Geography - The UK (Spring)


Science - Seasonal Change (Autumn)

Science - Everyday Materials (Autumn)

Science - Animals including Humans (Spring)


RE - Special People (Autumn)

RE- Special Words and Stories (Spring)

RE - Christianity and Judaism (Spring)


Music - Hey (Autumn)

Music - In the Groove (Spring)

Music - Round and Round (Spring)


Year 2

History - New Harlow (Autumn)

History -Neil Armstrong and Moon Landing (Spring)


Geography - Around my School (Autumn)

Geography - The World (Countries and Continents) (Spring) 


Science - Living Things and their Habitats (Autumn)

Science - Animals including Humans (Spring)


RE - Special Places (Autumn)

RE - Special Symbols and Objects (Spring)


Music - Hands, Feet, Heart (Autumn)

Music - I Wanna Play in a Band (Spring)

Music - Zootime (Spring)


 Year 3

History - Stone Age (Autumn)

History - Ancient Egypt (Spring)


Geography - The UK (Autumn)

Geography - River Nile (Spring)


Science - Animals including Humans (Autumn)

Science - Light (Spring)


RE - A World of Difference (Autumn)

RE - Hinduism (Spring)


Music - Let Your Spirit Fly (Autumn)

Music - Three Little Birds (Spring)



Year 4

History - Ancient Greece (Autumn)

History - Maya (Spring)


Geography - Comparative Study - UK and Greece (Autumn)

Geography - Mexico (Spring)

Geography - Mountain Regions (Spring)


Science - Animals include Humans (Autumn)

Science - Electricity (Autumn)

Science - States of Matter (Spring)


RE - Sikhism (Autumn)

RE - Christianity and the Bible (Spring)


 Music - The Dragon Song (Autumn)

Music - Stop! (Spring)



Year 5

History - Tudors (Autumn)

History - William Shakespeare (Autumn)

History - Victorians (Spring)


Geography - Europe (Autumn)

Geography - Natural Disasters (Spring)


Science - Properties and Changes of Materials (Autumn)

Science - Forces (Spring)

Science - Earth and Space (Spring)


RE - Hinduism - Living as a Hindu (Autumn)

RE - Christianity Introducing Jesus (Spring)

RE - Christianity - The Last weeks of Jesus’ Life (Spring)


Music - Livin On a Prayer (Autumn)

Music - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Spring)

Music - Dancing in the Street (Spring)



Year 6

History - World War II (Autumn)

History - Parliament (Spring)


Geography - Water Cycle (Autumn)

Geography - Biomes and Vegetation Belts (Autumn)

Geography - Seven Wonders of the World (Spring)


Science - Electricity (Autumn)

Science - Living Things and their Habitats (Autumn)

Science - Light (Spring)


RE - Buddhism (Autumn)

RE - Humanism (Autumn)

RE - Multi-Faith – Comparing beliefs and creation stories (Spring)


 Music - Happy (Autumn)

Music - A New Year Carol (Spring)

Music - You've got a Friend (Spring)