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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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Parent View

Longwood Primary’s community is made up of pupils, staff, volunteers and of course parents. For continual improvement we ask for regular feedback from parents this may be formally or informally.

Our latest Parent View results show that at least 96% of parents agree or strongly agree with all statements in the questionnaire:

96% or more of parents agree that:

  • My child is happy at this school 96%
  • My child feels safe at this school 98%
  • My child makes good progress at this school 98%
  • My child is well looked after at this school 98%
  • My child is taught well at this school 98%
  • This school is well led and managed 97%
  • I would recommend this school to another parent 98%
  • My child receives appropriate homework for their age 96%
  • This school makes sure it's pupils are well behaved 98%
  • This school deals effectively with bullying 97%
  • This school responds well to any concerns I raise 97%
  • I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress 98%

Thank you for all your positive comments, celebrating success:

  • My child feels much safer in school.
  • Thank you for all your hard work.
  • My children’s results have improved a lot.
  • My child loves the school, she gets lots of opportunities to learn in really creative ways.
  • Very good teachers, much improved.
  • I am happy all round.
  • We are happy for our son to be at Longwood school, thank you everyone for your hard work.
  • Great progress for my child and he tells me the school is really improving.
  • Excellent school.
  • The school has been helpful and supportive in what has been a difficult year.
  • The atmosphere of the school is really friendly.
  • I can see good progress.
  • My child is very happy to come to school and the teachers make the learning fun.
  • Fantastic school, well done.
  • The teacher was very helpful and positive.
  • Really happy with my child’s progress.
  • Have no issues with any of the staff, all very helpful.
  • Really happy with my child’s progress. Really pleased about the class teacher – he is pushed to his limit.
  • My child has done excellent so far – very proud.
  • My child has an excellent teacher who knows how to teach the children to their full potential.
  • My child is really enjoying her school life and comes out every day thriving.
  • I am happy with my child’s progress.
  • Happy the school is moving forwards. My child is settling in well!
  • Really happy with how my child has been supported during his time settling into a new school.
  • I feel this school has got a lot better. I feel happy my child comes here now.
  • I am very pleased with the school and the progress my children are making.
  • Thank you for helping my child to come on in leaps and bounds.
  • Would like to thank the teacher for all their hard work with my child.
  • I am very happy with the school at how they have worked to settle my child.
  • Very happy with the school.
  • I have recommended this school on a couple of occasions now and my children have progressed massively since the huge turn around.
  • My child is very happy here.
  • You can see the progress that is being made at school.
  • My child enjoys being here and retains things well. I am happy with them being here.
  • Brilliant school.
  • I love this school so much!
  • A few issues but they are improving fantastically – being dealt with very effectively thank you.
  • Kids have improved a lot – well done to the school.
  • I am very happy with my child’s teacher and their progress. I have no concerns.
  • I have recommended the school to others.