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Curriculum Documents

Welcome to our Curriculum Documents page. Here you will find learning overviews and knowldge organisers for parents to access to help support learning. 


Curriculum Plans

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Parent's Knowledge Organisers

To assist you in supporting your child's learning we complete knowledge organisers for our parents. 


Year 1

History - Prime Ministers (Summer)

History - Seaside (Summer)


Geography - Seasonal Change (Summer)

Geography - Comparison of Beaches - Southend vs Great Barrier Reef (Summer)


Science - Seasonal Change

Science - Plants (Summer)


RE - Special Things in Nature (Summer)


Music - Your Imagination (Summer)

Music - Rhythm in the Way We Walk (Summer)


Year 2

History - Kings and Queens (Summer)

History - Queen Victoria/Queen Elizabeth II comparison (Summer)


Geography - Hot and Cold Country comparison (Summer)


Science - Uses of Everyday Materials (Summer)

Science - Plants (Summer)


RE - Special Ways (Summer)


Music - Friendship (Summer)


 Year 3

History - Romans (Summer)


Geography - European Neighbours (Summer)


Science - Forces and Magnets (Summer)

Science - Plants (Summer)


RE - Hindu Gods and Goddesses (Summer)


Music - Glockenspiel (Summer)

Music - Bringing us Together (Summer)



Year 4

History - Battle of Hastings (Summer)


Geography - Mapwork - OS maps (Summer)


Science - Animals including Humans (Summer)

Science - States of Matter (Summer)


RE - Sikhism (Summer)


Music - Blackbird (Summer)

Music - Mamma Mia (Summer)



Year 5

History - Modern Slavery (Summer)


Geography - Comparative Study of England Vs Japan (Summer)


Science - Living Things and their Habitats (Summer)

Science - Animals Including Humans (Summer)


RE - Braham (Summer)


Music - Classroom Jazz 1 (Summer)



Year 6

History - Windrush Generation (Summer)


Geography - Summer Study (Summer)


Science - Evolution and Inheritance (Summer)

Science - Animals including Humans (Summer)


RE - Living as a Buddhist (Summer) 

RE - The Qur'an (Summer)


Music - Music and Me (Summer)