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70 Things at Longwood

At Longwood Primary, we believe that every child should have fantastic childhood experiences. We looked at over 300 activities that children could do, talked to our pupils and added in our own experiences too! 

See our list of 70 things to do at Longwood Primary Academy:

1. Have a picnic
2. Play in the sand
3. Bake a cake
4. Play an instrument
5. Perform a poem
6. Camp out in the wild
7. Make and fly a kite
8. Play conkers
9. Make something and sell it
10. Create some wild art
11. Jump over waves
12. Pick some fruit
13. Visit a farm
14. Go stargazing
15. Hold a scary beast
16. Hunt for bugs
17. Find some frogspawn
18. Track wild animals
19. Discover what is in a pond
20. Make a home for a wild animal
21. Bring up a butterfly
22. Catch a crab
23. Go on a nature walk at night
24. Plant it, grow it, eat it
25. Paddle in the sea
26. Go birdwatching
27. Find your way with a map and compass
28. Try rock climbing
29. Cook on a campfire
30. Take part in a team building activity
31. Have a speaking part in a play
32. Learn a new language
33. Eat a meal in a restaurant
34. Go to the theatre
35. Have a story published
36. Spend time at a university
37. Hold a position of responsibility in the school
38. Visit a place of worship
39. Try foods from around the world
40. Have a penpal
41. Learn basic first aid skills
42. Work with a senior citizen
43. Write to the Prime Minister
44. Go on a trip away for more than two nights
45. Have a water fight
46. Do something for charity
47. Join a school club
48. Visit a museum
49. Talk to professionals from a range of industries
50. Watch a chick hatch
51. Perform at the O2
52. Build a den/fort
53. Dress as an historical figure
54. Learn a song in sign language
55. See art work displayed in an exhibition
56. Grow vegetables
57. Learn martial arts
58. Cook a vegetarian meal
59. Make a mud pie
60. Take part in a puppet show
61. Learn to write in Mandarin
62. Race Pooh sticks
63. Take part in a mini Olympics
64. Create giant art
65. Make and fly aeroplanes
66. Take part in forest school
67. Learn origami
68. Learn a song in a different language
69. Take part in a spelling bee
70. Navigate your way around London underground