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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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If you are interested in a career at Longwood Primary Academy please complete the application form below:

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If you would like to find out about the careers available at Longwood Primary Academy and NET Academies Trust please contact us, we would be delighted to discuss the current opportunities we have available. 


The benefits of working at Longwood:

  • An additional 13 days school holidays per year
  • PPA time, collaborating with other year group teachers from our cluster
  • Subsidised accommodation
  • Free parking

Recruitment Notice

Recruitment Notice

Talent Pool

If you are thinking about your next career move, whether you are beginning your career as a newly qualified teacher, support staff or are an experienced teacher that would like to join our talent pool please email your CV to

What our staff say about Longwood

SEND Interventions Assistant

I have been a member of this school for twelve years and seen many changes. Since becoming an academy, the staff we have on board with us have made this an exciting and challenging place to work. There are always opportunities to improve and courses to attend. Every staff member feels valued and appreciated which makes being part of this team so worthwhile. Children and staff work so well together. At NET there is a continuous flow of respect around our school. Children are the main reason why we all continue every day to strive to make them ready for the future. As a team we have a real sense of family – we have plenty of nights out and events, and Friday cakes from the kitchen, to keep us going!

Staff wellbeing is an important part of a mentally healthy school, and is essential for effective teaching and learning. I always feel comfortable to ask for support if needed and get that support from the school leaders. NET is a place in which children and staff work together – allowing everyone to feel supported and helped to flourish.

Graduate Trainee

The feel of the school is warm to everybody who enters. From the day of my interview I felt a positivity in the school ethos. The enthusiastic approach to improving and enhancing learning and holistic child wellbeing has shone through to visitors on many occasions. Children feel a sense of worth within the school and a closely knit staff allows children to have a 'family-like' feel in a special place in their lives. The school sets an emotional connection to the each child which embeds in their learning and will continue to influence their education and wellbeing further in their lives.

Class Teacher

NET School is a happy and enjoyable place to work at, with its leadership being extremely strong throughout. I am able to embrace new challenges within my career. Additionally, I am continually able to thrive upon advice, support and constructive feedback given to progress and develop my career here. At NET, every member of staff is valued as an individual and treated with the upmost professionalism, honesty and respectfulness in order to be able to succeed.

Learning Support Assistant 1:1

As a member of staff at NET Academy I feel that my cheerful disposition when at work says a lot about how much I truly enjoy my job. Our school is based in an area of high social deprivation and yet it is thriving. Accordingly, it is a genuinely happy place to be. The team is made up of passionate and determined individuals, who all pull together and get along exceptionally well and that, in the main is down to the SLT's, who are extremely approachable and supportive. They always make time for you, which in my opinion is a crucial asset. They prepare regular meetings to clarify any issues and give regular feedback as well as offering opportunities to up level your skills. We are all treated with the utmost professionalism as valued members of the team, no matter what position we hold within the school and that I feel, is what makes NET truly great.

Middle Leader

Staff wellbeing is one of the most important things at NET and as an SLT we made it a priority to have a social secretary and deputy social secretary to ensure we had plenty of social events to encourage staff members to socialise with each other and develop stronger relationships to help us work better as a team. We aim to plan a range of activities that will appeal to all staff members from a local Friday curry, to theatre trips, to table tennis and bowling nights and a crystal maze team building day. Almost all of the staff participate in these nights and agree we offer a great range of social events.

In addition to the great social side of working at NET we also have a range of other benefits such as star days. These can be given to staff members for anything such as 100% attendance in a year, excellent performance throughout the year and going above and beyond with extra-curricular opportunities for the children. All teachers run a breakfast club and an after school club which aim to provide the children with greater opportunities to nurture their mind, body and soul. The teachers came up with the club ideas themselves and they include origami, sign language and karate to name a few. Staff have a lot of ownership over decisions at NET and I feel this also helps to ensure they have a positive mindset and feel their opinion is valid. The staff turnover is very low at NET since it became an academy. Teachers, teaching assistants, office staff and midday assistants have all been at the school for a number of years now and most have no reason to want to move on. This reflects how positively staff feel towards the school. NET is very keen to reduce teacher workload and therefore has tried a number of strategies to try to minimise the amount teachers have to do. We have trialled and successfully implemented a reduced marking schedule which includes minimal marking but high quality focused feedback and the use of conferencing and 1:1 feedback to replace marking. This has had a huge impact on my work-life balance and also to the pupils who value the time I take to discuss their efforts.

NET is a great place to work and anyone that visits the school can see how happy the staff, children and parents are with the school. It was recommended to me by a friend who worked at one of the hub schools so I came for a look around and met the head. I knew as soon as I walked in I wanted to work there as the children were so polite and paid compliments to one another in the corridors. I hadn’t seen this behaviour before in any of my previous schools.

Senior Leader

I think the school is unique as we provide the children with so many other opportunities such as the ‘70 things at Longwood’ and gaining life skills. Last year we took 40 children on an overnight camping trip. It really was an incredible experience for both pupils and teachers; watching children face their fears and attempt things they had never done before was inspiring. Other skills and experiences include ordering food in a restaurant, being able to type 25 words in a minute and performing at the O2. I really enjoy working with the people at NET, everyone is so friendly and helpful. It is a very united teaching front where everyone gets on and are supportive of one other. I really think the children benefit from the ‘stunning starts’, ‘marvellous middles’ and ‘awesome endings’ way that we teach topics as they get to do lots of creative activities and this helps them to gain a deeper understanding.

I am a year 5 class teacher as well as a phase leader and this gives me the opportunity to look at other class’ books to ensure presentation, marking and feedback and content is in line with the high standards that are expected at NET. As part of my role I also have the opportunity to visit other classes for short periods and listen to how the children are responding and engaging with their learning. It is really nice to be able to have that time to go into classes and then help suggest ways to make minor improvements to make the learning even better. I also monitor behaviour and so have developed relationships with selected children who struggle with their behaviour in school. My aim is that these children will feel they can come and talk to me when they get angry to try to reduce the opportunity for their physical aggression to come out. We have seen a big decrease in the number of children who are getting caught up in this kind of behaviour over the last year. This year, to enhance my CPD I have been placed on a senior leadership course. This is in addition to the other weekly CPD I receive and I therefore feel the school value me and are willing to invest in improving my skills and professional development.

The children enjoy the range of experiences they get at NET. There are plenty of opportunities for children to have their say in what they learn about and take ownership of their learning. NET is a happy and safe place where children feel there is always someone they can talk to if they have a problem. The teachers are young and progressive and I feel this is an advantage for the children as we are always looking for new and innovative ways to teach well established concepts and traditional subjects.

Deputy Head Teacher

When I joined the school, there were clearly many improvements that needed to be made and it was exciting to be a part of that journey. I feel that we are part of something very special, especially because of the focus on children’s mental health and wellbeing – this underpins everything that we do. In addition, the wide range of extra – curricular activities that are offered to children, including the free breakfast club and after school provision (along with the passion of the staff who all share the same vision and values) creates an excitement and sense of true purpose in being here.

What I enjoy most is…

  • Seeing the rapid improvements the school has made and the positive impact this has had on the children here.
  • How valued and appreciated all the staff are and how well all staff members support each other. It is an extremely happy and positive place to work.
  • Being involved in the extra-curricular activities that are offered to children, e.g. 70 things at NET which includes exciting experiences such as camping, trips to the beach and going to the theatre.
  • The opportunities for career development that are available.

This year I started my role as a Deputy Headteacher after a two year assistant headship at NET. A significant part of my role involves supporting the trainee teachers and NQTs. I teach one day a week in year 3 when one of the trainee teachers I support attends college. This enables me to continue to develop my practice in class. I also deliver model lessons across a range of subjects to support new teachers. One of my more recent roles includes heading up our outreach team. We now offer support to other schools (in Essex and London) in developing their approach to mental health and wellbeing. I work closely with the Headteacher to monitor the practice across the school, which has had a significant impact on improving teaching standards.

At the moment I am really enjoying the challenge of Deputy Headship. The role enables me to have whole school impact, whilst also being able to teach for some of the week (for me the perfect balance!). In the future, if I wanted to take on a headship I know I would be fully supported in my decision. The CPD that I have received has enabled me to rapidly develop as a leader and has prepared me to continuously take on new challenges. I love that the pupils feel safe and secure here, knowing that their opinions are valued and listened to. They also understand that there are many places and people they can turn to if they feel they have a problem; some include Place2Be, the wellness centre and the wellbeing officers. They report that their lessons are fun and creative and that they love their teachers. They enjoy the wide range of breakfast and after school clubs that we offer, along with the exciting experiences we provide them through our MBS Toolkit.